Our lodge is located North of Kahoka, Missouri.

Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunts (135″ minimum)

Bow Hunting 5 Days

9/19/2016 – 10/14/2016….$2000.00

10/18/2016 – November….$2600.00

Late Season…$2000.00 

Youth Rifle Hunting 2 Days

Saturday-Sunday $1500.00 (With One Non-Hunter)

 Rifle Hunting 5 Days


 Muzzle Loader Hunting (Alternative Method)


Missouri Wild Turkey Hunts

$600.00 3-day semi-guided hunt/one bird limit

$900.00 3-day fully guided hunt/one bird limit

$800.00 5-day semi-guided hunt/two bird limit

$1300.00 5-day fully guided hunt/two bird limit

Youth Wild Turkey Hunts Includes One Non-Hunter

$700.00 2-day/one bird limit

* Youth hunts are allowed to hunt all day

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